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電話:(001) (415) 285 8888



Interested clients could find "LARKIN INC DBA ASIA COMPANY", a San Francisco agent importing THK products, to buy in Tso Hin Kee products.

Contact Person: Ms Karen Wong

Tel: (001) (415) 285 8888


關於左顯記   About Tso Hin Kee

左顯記 成立於1938年,由左伯明先生創立。並受當時他正在學習走路像企鵝的年幼兒子所啟發, 將“企鵝”註冊為品牌商標。 左顯記 已有八十年歷史,經過努力不懈的革新,從一個本地家族生意,已發展成企業化管理,銷售點遍布全球各主要市場。為了保持傳統風味,真材實料的高質產品,至今本公司的產品均是100%香港製造。

左顯記 可說是桂林辣椒醬始創者,看到市場對產品需求不斷的增加,成績讓我們感到驕傲,現今已成為無數廚房醃製或餐桌常備的調味品。我們會繼續努力研究更多新產品,既保留左顯記傳統風味,同時亦致力把香港風格的食品帶到世界各地。

在秉持傳統製作的同時,亦重視食品的安全性。左顯記 自設廠房,擁有完善的生產設備,生產過程經過嚴格監控,並獲取SGS HACCPISO22000國際食物安全管理系統認證。


Tso Hin Kee (THK) was founded by Mr Tso Pak Ming in 1938 . Mr Tso chose to feature a Penguin as the brand’s logo after being inspired by one of his toddler sons walking like a Penguin.

With a history of 80 years, THK has grown from a local family business into a company with global distribution. In order to guarantee the quality that we have delivered to loyal customers for decades, all of our products are made in Hong Kong with strict quality control.

Tso Hin Kee is proud that we were the first to introduce Kwailin Chili sauce, named after the chef who created this sauce which has now become a well-known condiment used in countless households and restaurants. We endeavour to match Chinese food with our unique, time-tested family recipes and to bring Hong Kong–style cuisine to the rest of the world.

Food safety is our key concern while traditional recipes heritage is equally important, every production step is strictly scrutinised. Such ongoing effort is endorsed by ISO-22000 and HACCP audited by SGS.



About Hong Kong Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Programme

Tso Hin Kee has been certified as Tier 2 Authorized Economics Operator by Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department. AEO is a concept under the World Customs Organization (WCO) SAFE Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade (SAFE Framework). It represents a Customs-to-Business partnership to enhance international supply chain security and facilitate movement of legitimate goods. For further details, please refer to the video on the left.